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What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are files installed on the computer, telephone, tablet or any other device of the user designed to record its activity during the browsing session on the present webpage of Men’s Club(Web).The use of cookies allows the server in which the Web is located to recognise the browser used by the user, granting the registered user, for example, access to the areas and services without having to register in each visit and record his/her preferences with regard to language, country, etc. in future visits. Cookies are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, monitoring the progress and number of entries.

Individuals (“User”) who visit and/or use the website (the (“Website”) at the “https://mensclubcollection.comoperated mensclubcollection. (the “Company”) are required to read this Confidentiality Policy prior to using the Website

 Privacy Policy

Certain personal data (name, age, e-mail address, etc.) are requested at the Website in order to serve the Users better. Such data collected through the Website are used within the Website in order to be able to carry out campaign studies or special promotion activities aimed for the User's account. Apart from the personal data; statistical data of the transactions made through the Website or Mobile App are analyzed and retained.

The Company absolutely does not share the data communicated to it by membership forms with third parties, outside of the Users' knowledge or unless they have any instructions on the contrary, and does not use and sell such data for any commercial purposes due to any unrelated reasons.

The Demographic data provided by Google Analytics are used to customize the Website and the advertisements on the Website, if any, according to the fields of interest of the Users. Such data may be shared with advertisement publishers, together with the data of other Users, while they are being used in target mass studies. Such data do not include any personal data (name, surname, National Identification No., gender, age, etc.) in any ways; they are used to make studies regarding User trends and compile the target mass. The sharing of anonymous data with advertisement publishers for advertisement and promotion purposes is approved upon accepting this Use Agreement.

Third party providers, including Google, shall display the Website and Mobile App advertisements in the banner areas they provide at the publisher sites on the internet. First party cookies and third party cookies are collectively used by the Website and third party providers, including Google, to collect information regarding the advertisements, and to optimize and publish the advertisements as based on the past visits of the visitors to the Website

Personal User data shall be disclosed to public authorities solely under circumstances where they are demanded by court order and such disclosure is compulsory as per the mandatory legislation provisions.

The User credit card data requested on the payment page are not kept on the servers of the Website and Mobile or third party service provider companies in order to maintain the security of Users who purchase from the Website at the highest level. Thus, it is ensured that all transactions aimed for payment are realized between the related bank and the device used by the User, through the Website and Mobile App interface.

By approving this Use Agreement, the User confirms that the data he has shared with the Company are his personal data and such data may be shared with other legal entities that are affiliates of the Company in order to be able to carry out sales and marketing activities and provide proper notification to any communication devices.

It is always possible to be removed from the e-mail sending list by clicking the "Please click if you do not want to be informed about the campaign announcements." link at the bottom of the e-mails sent within the scope of Website membership or by leaving the "I would like to be informed about campaigns and opportunities" option blank in the "Update Membership Data" field in "My Account" section on the Website.

The Member expressly consents for his personal data to be processed and transmitted to third parties within the scope of the Laws in Egypt and as covered under the Civil Code. Personal data shall continue to be processed as long a membership is continued.

The Data Supervisor is Mems Club under the Law and accepts to comply with all its liabilities and obligations in the Law.

The personal data of the Member are processed in order to offer a better shopping experience, collect and compile statistical data, improve commercial activities and fulfill the liabilities that the membership agreement encumbers the Company with and similar purposes.

The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he has expressly consented to the transmission of his personal data to third parties to be determined by the User, domestically or abroad, in order for such data to be retained, stored and processed for any purposes.

The Personal Data of the Member are collected through this application form or on electronic media, if deemed necessary.

At any time,